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Monday, June 13, 2016

Sample Sale: Steven Alan

The sale will be offering up to 75% off the Steven Alan brand, as well as merchandise from other brands carried by Steven Alan. Brands include, but are not limited to, Acne, APC, and Clarve V.

Sample Sale: J. Crew + Madewell

Sample Sale: MCM

Monday, May 23, 2016

Shop Smart: Groupon Coupons

*I have to let you dolls and kens know that this is a sponsored post. All opinions, however, expressed are 100% mine.*

I don't have to tell you how amazing Groupon is. I think we all know. There's a Groupon for everything! And we can also agree that we love to save money (you know I love a good deal and hate to pay retail - it almost rhymed). But you may not (or maybe you do) know about Groupon Coupons. What's the difference? Well, Groupon mainly focuses on events, experiences, dining, etc. at a location or spot near you. With Groupon Coupons, you're getting everything you love about Groupon, but with your favorite retailers. It's shopping...but funner! It has become one of my favorite resources now for online shopping. Anything that lets me look for deals quickly online, is free (no membership fees or any other fees to get the discount), and saves me money is a friend to me.

You can find coupons to stores like...

Lane Bryant

Neiman Marcus Last Call

rue 21

That is not even the tip of the savings iceberg! There are so many retailers with coupons to choose from. You can even look up coupons that are specific to your area. Oh, and did I mention there are discounts that are exclusive to Groupon Coupons? Yeah. Major perk! 

So when you go to Groupon Coupons, this is what you'll see....

home screen of Groupon Coupons
And then just let your fingers do the scrolling...

do you spot the Groupon Exclusive?
Easy right? Before you shop, just remember to head over to Groupon Coupons first and check out the savings. There are 66,502 free coupons at 9,972 stores! That's my kind of shopping enabler.

Socialiteing: Amorino UWS Grand Opening

The UWS welcomes you Amorino!
I was like a kid in a gelato shop!
Last week Wednesday, after meeting up with framily in Brooklyn, I went to the UWS for the Grand Opening of an Italian gelateria, Amorino. Unfortunately, there are no Brooklyn locations...yet (a Bk girl can dream). But this marks their 4th location in NYC. They locations in Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Times Square, and now the UWS. Gelato has become my favorite (as you can find me in the Talenti aisle in a grocery store near you) and so when I got the invite for the grand opening of Amorino, I knew I had to be there! However, it wasn't just the opening of Amorino's newest location that got me excited, it was the image and the words that I read next, The Launch of our new Macarose that got my eyes popping out of my head. All I saw was a cone being home to layers of petals and a macaron in the center of it all. Got you intrigued? So, when I walked into Amorino, checked in and received my name tag, I was greeted by super friendly gelato servers (is there a proper name for people who serve you gelato goodness?). One guy in particular was a rockstar! I am bothered that I can't remember his name...but I do remember the gelato I tasted that day. I am a chocoholic, so I tasted everything chocolate. I started with the standard chocolate flavor (delish), moved up to a nutella kind of gelato with chocolate and hazelnut (amaze!), went to tiramisu next (gives me everything I love about tiramisu), had to sample coffee (I'd like a cup of that when I wake up in the morning), chocolate sorbet (yummmm!!!), and then to be "different" I tried Stracciatella..which is whole milk with dark chocolate flakes (sooo good). After my sampling, I knew it was time to try the Queen of desserts - the Macarose. He asked me what size, and I went for the medium (it comes in either a S, M, or L). Next was my flavors which would be transformed into the rose petals. I chose my faves - Chocolate, Chocolate Hazelnut, Tiramisu, and Coffee. Then he asked what flavor macaron I would like...and of course I said...chocolate. You know what makes an Amorino macaron special? The filling is their gelato! A macarose is a gelato + macaron shaped into a flower put a top of a waffle cone. I could not contain my excitement. I also couldn't wait to taste it. All of the flavors combined were like a party in my mouth. The first to go was the macaron of course. I really loved the chocolate gelato filling. It's a
a lay of the Amorino land
nice touch! I was quite focused on my dessert and talked to my bestie (and picture/blogging assistant) Jennifer in between devouring my macarose. She had hers it was quite the sight. Then we met Sara (she is handling the press for Amorino) and we had such a fun convo. She's also an Italian delight! After I scarfed down (and thoroughly enjoyed) my macarose, I sipped some Fiol Prosecco, because it is not a celebration without the bubbly. If you are ever on the UWS (or the other areas mentioned above), I definitely say to stop into an Amorino near you for an artisanl gelato treat!

Fiol Prosecco

My Macarose creation!

Posing with my Macarose

Amorino (UWS)
414 Amsterdam Ave.
b/t 79th & 80th Sts.

*Thanks Amorino and The Creative Shake for the invite!*