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Friday, April 23, 2010

Team Cacique or Team Network: Lane Bryant Commercial

If you haven't heard yet, FOX and ABC banned the latest Lane Bryant commercial that was scheduled to air during Dancing with the Stars and American Idol. The TV stations said that the commercial was a little too provacative to air and would only play the commercial if they were allowed to edit it. I saw the commercial on The Wendy Williams Show, and couldn't believe that we are even discussing this. There is nothing wrong with this commercial, no more than what Victoria's Secret shows on a regular basis. I hate to say it, but this is pure weight discrimination...and as a fuller-figure gal myself, I am offended that the TV stations thought it was too much. I guess it's okay for smaller girls to show off, but regular sexy women must hide. The model, Ashley Graham, looks ah-mazing in this ad, and she showed no more than the Playtex commercials. I think we need to see the full spectrum of body sizes and shapes on TV, since body types are not cookie-cutter. I am on TEAM CACIQUE

Here is the commercial...

What do you think? Was FOX and ABC right to ban it?

See what Inside Curve (the blog of Lane Bryant) has to say...Inside Curve

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