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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Book Report: The Bra Book

Being a woman, you think you know all about “the girls”…right? Well, you just might not know everything when it comes to finding the right support. Startling fact: 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra. Think you’re one of them? Fear not. Jené Luciani, recognized expert in fashion, beauty, and everything girl-related, wrote THE BOOK on how to find the perfect bra (if only finding the perfect man was this easy). I read the book from cover to cover and I feel like a “boobologist”. I appreciated Jené’s personal story, which was the introduction to the book. She is so relatable and open about herstory. The Bra Book is the go-to book on learning how to get the right fit, what types of bras are out there, the history of bras, and so on. The book answers questions like: Does breastfeeding cause sagging? Is underwire bras harmful for breast health? There is even a bra alphabet and a cheat sheet for your beau (who knows nothing about bras, but just wants to look at you in them, haha). The book also addresses 10 Bra Faux Pas and offers solutions, such as what to do when you have strap slippage or suffer from nip slips.

I seriously enjoyed reading this book and found it informative, enlightening, eye-opening, and light. Jené just really wanted to make sure we all have the right support. So, if you want to learn how to make your ”mountains” into “molehills”, turn your ”molehills” into “mountains”, or just want to keep ”the girls” happy and healthy, then I highly suggest you get a copy of The Bra Book.

Rating: 4 Sunglasses

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