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Friday, April 23, 2010

Just Reading: NY Times - "For the Sweet-Toothed, Cocktails and Cake"

My weekly ritual is to scan The New York Times online and see what's going on in the Fashion & Style section. Natch, when I saw the article, For the Sweet-Toothed, Cocktails and Cake, I had to click on it to read more. It's about this new hot spot called, Red Velvet Lounge, and it is definitely "On My Agenda" to check it out. Apparently, they have liquor-laced cupcakes and larger than life paintings of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. Btw, Baked by Melissa teamed up with the lounge to make the cupcakes...and if you ever had one, you know how sinfully delicious and addictive they are. To echo Marie Antoinette, "let them eat cake..."

Need to know more about Red Velvet Lounge? Keep on reading here: Cocktails and Cupcakes

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