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Sunday, May 16, 2010

"I'm Throwing on my Louboutins!"

It has been so long since my last post. This poor Fashionisette has been sick and dealing with computer viruses, making updating you all a task. Finally I am feeling better and ready to dish. The biggest news I have to tell you is that I am FINALLY a proud owner of a pair of Christian Louboutins. If you are not a shoe-lover, then you cannot possibly understand the joy. There is quite a story behind it too.

So, on Tuesday, I was on Twitter, as usual, and one of my tweeps was writing about the Christian Louboutin Sample Sale. A sale which I knew of, but totally forgot to RSVP...I know, how does a shoe-holic forget to RSVP to one of the biggest sales?! Anyhoo, she was writing about the sale and how she was thrilled to be going. I, of course, felt sick. But she was so nice to let me be her +1 (because all who RSVP'd were granted an automatic plus). I show up to the sale, that was on W. 38th b/t 8th & 9th aves., only to get discouraged by the golden list-holding professional. She was telling everyone to basically go home if they even thought their name wasn't on the list. Well my group and I were a little nervous, and as we should have been, because lo and behold, we were not on the list (well, I wouldn't have been, but the group I was with wasn't). Not to mention, there were some nice cute gals who were trying to be anyone's +1 to get inside. Believe me, for a pair of Loubs, deals had to be cut.

After a little persuading, we were allowed to go upstairs to the 14th floor, the RED floor. Boxes of Loubs everywhere...all organized by sizes. There were 4 basic colors distinguishing the price. A yellow sticker was $100, orange was $250, blue was $325, and red was $400 and over. I won't lie, my wallet was intensely  scanning for yellow and orange, and I thought all was lost. The ones that made my heart skip a beat were marked by blue or red. But, finally, after sweat, prayer, and squeezing into aisles I found a pair that me swoon.

They are the cutest suede, retro, multi-colored Loubs that I found. For my first pair, I think they're worthy. This purchase has only increased my taste for more. So, I am there at the next sale!! (with my RSVP in tow)

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  1. oh, so cute...very different look and nice wearable heel height too