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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shoe Love Quickie: Christian Louboutin

Today is Slingback Thursdays (via @TheDailyShoes). I decided to look up some fierce slingbacks, a style of shoe I don't own too many of. Well, while perusing I came across these Crepe-de-Chine Christian Louboutins at Neiman Marcus. I love that they are navy blue (which compliments the red soles) and I love the grosgrain origami accent!

Of course with me, there is always a story in my head. When I saw "crepe-de-chine", a fabric you don't hear too much of, it immediately reminded me of a Different World episode when Whitley was getting married, and before the wedding her mom met Byron's mom (called "Emma Jean"). Diahann Carroll made this one statement that stuck with me, "Emma Jean, please don't crush my crepe-de-chine." In the case, I would say, "Please don't step on my crepe-de-chine." Now to find someone whose name rhymes...

If you never saw the episode, or can't remember it, you know you can find any clip on YouTube. Here is the scene (Diahann Carroll starts to say it at 0:57)


  1. Those shoes are beautiful! xo