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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Slip-off the Heels and Slip-on CitySlips!

I seriously cannot count how many times I go to a wedding, party, or event in fierce heels (and you know how you enter a room when you know you're looking good), and then leave the party walking like I am forcing my feet to walk. You know how it is ladies! After a good night of dancing, or just working the crowd (networking and socializing) and trying to look cute in your shoes the whole night, at some point you either went barefoot on the dance floor, or were huddled up in a corner trying to give your feet a peptalk to stay a little bit longer and not make you look like they didn't want to be there. 

It seems former NYU students Susie Levitt and Katie Shea suffered the rewards of being a socialite too. For them, the front door seemed miles away after a night of partying in 4" heels. Tired of hobbling back home in pain, and tired of seeing chic ladies go shoe-less in the streets, they decided that no girl should go without a funk-tional pair of flats. [Fanfare please] Susie and Katie created CitySlips, a fashionable pair of back-up flats that you can comfortably carry with you. These foldable ballet flats come in a carry case, kind of like a pouch, that can be carried in any standard bag (or if you're like me, in an oversized clutch). The deluxe bonus is: the pouch converts into a larger tote to store your killer heels in. Now you don't have to balance your shoes in one hand and your phone in the other (I am a chronic bberry in-hand-holder). Or if you're carry a cute clutch, you can still have one hand free because your shoes aren't occupying the other. You can hail a cab with ease (although, you can't throw the shoe at them if they don't want to case you wanted to).

Well, I am just in love with them!

Now you can carry your shoes Plan B, not worry about what to do with the heels, and still look chic because the flats are ultra cute and come in 3 basic colors to compliment any outfit (black, silver, and gold). Let's face it, we're never going to give up our heels or step off our platforms, but now at the end of the night we can turn to our sole savers CitySlips to get us home (without counting the steps we have to take).

CitySlips. $24.95.

From pouch to tote  

CitySlips How-To 101


  1. I definitely need to get me one of those for those time when I choose to be daring and actually wear heels

  2. These are so cute! Such a great idea.