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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Socialite-ing: Forever 21 'Walk on Water' event

This past Monday (June 7th), I attended the To Be a Star & Forever 21 'Walk on Water' event at The Frying Pan (Pier 66, NYC). To Be a Star is a new web show that chronicles the journey of 6 girls who spend 3 months in NYC with established mentors from the fashion and entertainment industries. Forever 21 was throwing a fashion show to kick-off their flagship store opening in Times Square. Kimmie Smith, Kitten Lounge, and Jeannine Morris, Beauty Sweet Spot, were the hosts of the evening and looked fab! Singer Katie Faith opened the show singing "Yesterday", which is the title track from the web series. 12 models walked the runway in a series of 4 vignettes showcasing Forever 21 fashion. It started with Fitness, Beach with the Girls, Party at the Club, and ended with Red Carpet Ready. According to the official press release, over 600 guests attended the event, including Richie Rich (which I took a quick camera phone pic of), McKey Sullivan (ANTM Cycle 11), Jaime Hilfiger, and more. VIP Gift bags included products from Forever 21, Purple Lab, Smashbox, Completely Bare, and much more!

Okay, so here is my experience. Check-in went relatively smooth. And believe me, there was a lot of people there! I was honored to be among the press sitting in the front row, although it didn't seem it would happen since most of the front row seats were taken. But the doll that ushered me made it happen for me. I had the pleasure of sitting next to the lady behind Socially Superlative and we became the best commentators of the event (you had to be there to understand). There were some attendees who didn't respect those sitting in the front row, and took certain liberties, but I won't go into it. While there was a little disorganization with seating (some people had to be ejected from the front row so Richie Rich could sit), and guests were just really packed in, the event wasn't too bad. I was shocked by the fashion though. I am a HUGE fan of Forever 21, so don't get me wrong, but the fashion that walked the runway, I felt, didn't show the brand's best attributes. After the last runway vignette, I was ready to leave, and of course to pick up my swag (which at this time I was definitely looking forward to). Well, to my dismay, all the gift bags were gone (as they grossly miscalculated). One of my friend's told me that someone swiped her gift bag (leading to an important lesson in Swag Bag 101. Gift bags are like children. Do not leave them unattended...even for a second). I was also sad that I didn't get a chance to speak with Kimmie Smith...but again, there were so many guests. I will say this, there was not an empty seat or really empty space at the venue, so kudos to the PR and marketing team!

I was able to take some photos, mind you I am no pro, but 'have digital cam will take pics'. If you want to look at the professional shots, here is the link: To Be A Star and Forever 21 'Walk on Water' Event.

*some highlights of the photos: the guy in the Banana hat (which I would so wear!), and a lady in the front row was wearing an oversized cocktail ring that I was eye-ing the whole time. I loved it!!*

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