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Monday, June 21, 2010

Trend Report: Get Your Summer Dress On!

This is a guest post by Merellia of Curvy Ladies! I am thrilled to have our first guest post by her because I love her site and she's helping all of us spruce up our summer wardrobes. Check out her hot summer dress picks!

Summer is not just close anymore. It's actually here! So I guess you know what that means... no more shrugs, cardigans or fleece, and you can ditch the leggings too. Let your shoulders go bare and your legs soak up some sun in some of the hottest summer dresses that are going to be bombarding the clothes racks. I personally love sun dresses, and not just any dress, it has to be a sleeveless fit-and-flare, just above the knees with a light airy print, preferably floral.

There are quite a few trends out this summer that I'm sure will inspire a few wardrobe choices. Here's what I found:

1. Tribal/Ethnic Prints
Inspired by some of the most culturally rich parts of the globe with their earthy hues or strong vivid colors and intriguing pattern combinations. This Ethnic Halter Dress by Faith21/Forever 21 is a perfect example of how ethnic prints can be introduced to your wardrobe. **Here's a tip to remember when choosing accessories to wear with your tribal print dress: Pick your accessories in neutral colors that can be found in the print.

2. Floral Prints and Accents

Whether it's soft watercolor shades or bright bold patterns, we're going to be seeing a whole lot of flowers this summer. While I'm totally digging this Belted Garden Tunic (again by Faith21/Forever 21), you will find lots of sun dresses in a variation of floral prints that are bound to catch your fancy. Some Tropical Prints will also fall under this category if they portray tropical flowers like the Ivory and Red Tropical-Print Dress by Torrid.

3. Animal Prints
Animal inspired prints and motifs will be seen on bags, shoes, tops, and dresses. This is a trend I am not very partial to, although I am really digging this Michael Kors Patterned Camisole Dress from Nordstrom, but then again I'm a sucker for fit-and-flare dresses. **Here's a tip to remember when rocking your animal print dress: Wearing more than two pieces of clothing or accessories with animal print will make you look cluttered not chic.

Have any of these trends peaked your interest? What other trends are you going to be rocking this summer?

This was a fab post! For summer, I am big floral print fan, or variations of it. You picked some fab items for the summer. Thanks Merellia for helping us curvy ladies out.

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  1. Floral prints are my favorite trend this summer!