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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What I Wore Today: Sunday edition

This past Sunday had fabulous weather. In honor of it, I wanted to play around with colors and picked a theme of green and pink. By the way, getting my summer hair was totes on the agenda (since I love big hair with big sunglasses. It's the diva-wannabe in me, haha). If celebs add hair, why can't I?

What I Wore Sunday...
  • Pink Ralph Lauren pumps (purchased from Marshall's - one of my absolute fave stores to buy shoes)
  • AnnTaylor Loft green sheath dress
  • NY & Co bag
  • Halston sunglasses (a gift one of my aunts gave me)

While I was doing the pink and green scene (or as a friend said mentioned, I was watermelon-esque), another gal pal of mine made a retro entrance and thought it might inspire a summer look for you...

My friend T had her hair spooled. Now this wasn't her original intention, but I thought it totes worked, and is definitely a fab (and not-thought-about creative) way to keep your long locs off your neck during the hot season. (By the way, I got her permission to use this photo. The other lady shown in the back on the other hand might get me.)

C'est fini!

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