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Monday, July 19, 2010

Fashion High for Less: Dolce Vita vs Alloy

I bought these fab suede wedges from Alloy and fell in love. I got them in Forest Green, because I needed an accent color for Fall. I tested them out when I went to dinner with friends at The Stanton Social (which is a fab restaurant by the way on the LES), and they are comfortable. I will admit they were a little hard to walk in due to some balance issues, but that just could've been me. In any case I am happy I ordered them.

So I was doing my usual shoe search and saving my finds on ShoeHunting, and came across the almost the exact same shoes by Dolce Vita (which I know they were the originals). Either way, I wanted to share the style with you (and my story) because they're cute and work well with simple dresses and your feet need a statement piece.

Alloy Parker Wedges. $32.90. (above)

Dolce Vita Hayword pumps. $155. Jildor Shoes. (left)

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  1. What a fashion find! They are virtually indistinguishable. Brava! xxoo