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Monday, July 19, 2010

Need a Bosom Buddy? Get The Winkee!

Wrap dresses are either a friend or foe right? You have to be an expert pinner (with a safety pin) or just happen to have double-sided tape lying around in order to wear the style with ease. Unless you like having cleavage out, which doesn't necessarily work at your 9-5, you definitely need a bosom buddy. Enter The Winkee. What is The Winkee? (aside from having a cute name) It is a lightweight bra accessory that attaches to your bra in just 3 easy steps. It allows you to wear any plunging neckline top, shirt, or dress while maximizing eye contact. ("Hey, my eyes are up here.") You get coverage without feeling so covered, and it's perfect for travel in a suitcase, or in your purse (if you need to make a quick transition). I can't wait to try mine (it was in a swag bag). I will let you know how it works, so stay tuned...
How do you put it on?

The Winkee. $17-$20.

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