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Friday, July 23, 2010

Shoe Love: Flat-Footed

If Posh Beckham could wear flats, then we all can wear flats. This doll said she would never wear flats a day in her life, a quote I have said of some sort in my life too. But back here recently, I have been throwing on flats for everyday, and saving my 4"-5" platform heels for the nighttime. And while it scares me to say this, I heart flats! The comfort. The cushion. The "I can walk 20 city blocks and not cringe" feeling. Since I have been giving my feet and toes a little R&R (I would like to still have working knees in my 80's), I decided to do a little online window shopping and share a few of my top flat picks that don't leave me feeling flat...

Candygram Flat (in Black Licorice). $29.99. These are vegan-friendly jellies in the color of black licorice, embellished with the cutest vanilla bow.

Miu Miu Powder Nappa Bejeweled Cap-toe Flats. $476. Fit for a Queen...a Princess...or just a fierce NYC girl. They are a little pricey, but sometimes you have to pay the cost for quality and bling.

TARGET Mesh Toe Caps Pumps. $30. Topshop. Your feet are not only comfortable, but they can breathe too. Plus, I love the spectator-esque feel.

Deena & Ozzy Ludlow Oxford. $48. Urban Outfitters.

These are a double-hitter for the season. They follow two important trends: oxford and leopard print. They don't hurt your wallet either.

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