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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fashion High for Less: Lanvin vs. Dollhouse

I was first inspired for this post by my #solesister @pursuitofshoes. She just bought a pair of these Lanvin satin pompom raffia sandals in black on sale and twitpic'd her purchase. Natch, I was jealous. If you don't know, I have gone on a shopping strike for 30 days, and today is Day 1. I am trying to get my bills down and work with what I already have. So, after her new summer sandal buy, I was tempted to do a little online (window) shopping. I saw the Lanvin sandals (pictured right) on Net-a-Porter. They are $585. My wallet and credit cards ran out the door.

However, if you're not on a shopping strike, but can't afford Lanvin, there is always a cheaper twin somewhere.

These are by Dollhouse called Bonanza and retail for $31.25 and come in 7 summer-ready colors at! Talking about what I find I guess can be therapeutic, not as therapuetic as buying, but I digress. I may not be able to treat myself, but why should you suffer?

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