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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall-ing Forward for Animal-Free Fashion

This is a guest post by Gabriela of Working Girl's Shoe Closet. The Working Girl is a native California girl that has had a life long obsession with shoes. As a response to help her friends find cute shoes they can wear to the office, she started the Working Girl's Shoe Closet. She gets her inspiration for fashion from celebrities and designers and then reworks them for the everyday girl with an everyday life. She's also on Twitter, so be sure to follow her @WGsShoeCloset. I am so happy she did this post because us sole sisters need to be more aware and conscious of what we put on our feet.

If you’ve ever shopped for vegan shoes, I’m sure you were also asking yourself, “Why do all the shoes imply I have some sort of foot condition?” Fret not my little Fashionisettes. Those of us with the best intentions of shopping for goods that don’t harm animals, or people, are always falling short on chic fashion finds. Well, that was until now. There’s been a huge emergence of several vegan shoe lines that are very eco-chic without a stitch of frump.

One of my most favorite lines is Natalie Portman’s joint venture with a British shoe designer called Beyond Skin. In fact, they created one of my favorite fall finds with this ‘Dita’ pump. The tartan print makes me think of autumn in the East Coast. The approximately 4 ½” heel admonishes the thought that dowdy EVER lived here. I love the art-deco jewels that really give it a sweet polished look to really jazz up that basic black suit or sheath for the office. The major bonus to these pretty pumps are the added padding and flexi-soles that create extra shock absorption to help you stay on your feet during those fun fourteen-hour work days without wishing you could chop off your feet! Purchase Dita here!

Another incredible line is olsenHaus. Not only do they subscribe to respecting all beings, but they subscribe to the creation and design of highly fashionable shoes too. These ‘Enchantment Oxford’ mixes the classic Fall oxford with a mod feel give you a very naughty but nice secretary vibe. The copper gold 3 ½” heel makes the shoe very current and the velvet makes it perfect for pairing it with tights. It also comes in eggplant blue and evergreen velvet embracing all the vibrancy that Fall fashions have to offer. Get Enchantment Oxford here!

Now, you can’t talk Fall fashions without a boot! So, I turn to Cri de Coer for that. Cri de Coer is a somewhat newbie designer to launch eco-chic footwear. Cri de Coer strives to make all their shoes by hand and with sustainable processes that don’t harm the environment. And, they have one of my favorite boots for the Fall, the ‘Felicity Lace-Up Knee Boot’. It has a 3” heel and a roomy 14” boot opening. The toffee leather-looking material is actually dyed canvas. The canvas is a very durable (but not cardboard stiff) canvas that withstands water seepage when you’re caught in the Fall rains. I think it was watching Wynona in Little Women that made me first really want some Victorian inspired boots, and probably why I think I love these so much. You may not have a green thumb to plant a tree, but Cri de Coer sponsors a tree to be planted to help with the reforestation efforts around the world with each purchase. Talk about being cosmopolitan chic! Buy Felicity here!

Lastly, the ‘Bat’ by Mink shoes will revive your inner disco queen. These strappy heels are almost too cha-cha for words! Made from faux patent leather, they are adorned with black stones to sauce up your strappy or strapless LBD in a heartbeat. The shoestring ankle ties also make these dancing shoes stand apart from your other average strappy heels. Get your Mink here!

Thanks to these great do-gooder designers that don’t believe in having to choose one over the other, you can be Fall-ing fashion forward for animal-free fashion this Fall and all year round.

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