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Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Heart: ShoeTease

Eat, Pray, Loubi.

Special edition McQueen tribute tee.

I came across ShoeTease on Twitter, through my solefamily network. I am always "sole-searching" and fell in love with their tees! Why? Obviously because they talk about the one thing I love about fashion...SHOES! They have the cutest tagline too: Until shoes grow on trees, let's put them on Tees! How could you not love that? If you are a shoe-lover, like moi, then you will appreciate what ShoeTease is doing. I especially love their new designs like Eat, Pray, Loubi and their tribute to the ultimate shoe designer McQueen. In case your budget won't allow you to buy designer shoes, you won't feel guilty splurging on a tee featuring designer shoes designed by ShoeTease. The t-shirts are only around $22-$30, depending on the style (from tank top to long-sleeve). They have other designs, colors, and phrases, so you can show off your shoe style.

Viva la ShoeTease!

Classic Black Stiletto

Framed reptile print pump
Framed leopard pump with red bow
Follow them on Twitter: @shoetease

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