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Friday, September 17, 2010

NYFW: Allison Parris S/S 2011 Presentation

On Tuesday, I had the privilege of attending the Allison Parris S/S 2011 Presentation that was held at inside of a NYC suite on Seventh Ave. I thought the setting was perfect because it offered guests a more cozy and intimate environment to really look at her collection. Let me tell you, her collection is effortlessly chic and elegant. There were quite a few pieces I could definitely see me in.

I asked Allison what her inspiration was, and this is what she had to say...
TF: Allison, your collection is so beautiful. I really love it. What was your inspiration for the collection?
AP: I wanted to create pieces that you could wear. I wanted to create pieces that I would wear.

Easy enough right. Well, she nailed it. Some of the designs I could definitely see on Blair Waldorf. Allison kept in trend with the neutral, nude, navy, and cream colors. I appreciated her use of volume when needed (I am a sucker for tulle dresses), and the easy breezyness of it all. Oh, and did I mention her collection is eco-chic? Yes, she also keeps in trend with the best color of all...Green!

Surprises: Tracy from Jerseylicious was there with her mom and assistant. Funny thing is, I knew she looked familiar, but couldn't get it, until it hit me. She was super nice and posed for a photo with me and my fab friend Jonathan. Loved her shoes too! (By the way, she's actually just a little shorter than me. She even took her shoe off to make me feel better. What a doll!)

Enjoy my professional photography below...(oh, so there is a photo of Allison and I. And the fuchsia looking platform peep-toes wore Allison's. They are beyond fierce. The black platform pumps were Tracy's. The suede booties with mini-grommets were Tracy's assistant, Ashley. Okay, now you can enjoy...

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  1. hey Boo...the suede grommet shoes were mine =] Giuseppe Zanotti, but I'm not Tracy's assistant Ashley! lol My names Jillian, but thanks for loving my shoes <3