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Saturday, September 18, 2010

NYFW: My Wrap-Up Post

I can't believe how fast New York Fashion Week went! I am just thrilled that I got a chance to experience it at the new location and saw some really great shows under the tents and out of the tents. Thanks to everyone who made it such a fab week for me!

So, you already know that I was not an official member of the press because I didn't apply with IMG this season. But, did that stop me from getting under the tents? Not a chance. Where there's a will, there's a way. My gal pal Jen and I decided to people watch at Lincoln Center on Tuesday. I won't tell you how we made it through...but it was her first time ever being under any tents for fashion I was happy that all was a success! (Also thanks to my friend, who shall remain nameless for this post.)

After we did our "lay of the land" we sipped Kim Crawford wine, chatted with a guy (whose name I never got) about summer in the Hamptons, walked around Lincoln Center, grabbed Popchips, scored some complimentary Maybelline lipsticks, and sat down at the cafe to people watch. We spotted Robert Verdi, Carson Kressley, Hamish Bowles, Patrick McDonald, and potentially June Ambrose (which I still don't think that was her...long story). I just love people watching, seeing fierce fashionistas in shoes they can't walk in, spotting chic outfits and getting inspired, and just overhearing conversations. It was a great day and we all had fun! By the way, we totes stocked up on our magazines and toted them in the official DHL bag.

Highlight: meeting J. Alexander. He's tall, nice, and has great skin! And I also met Mikki Taylor from Essence magazine. I just wished I told her how much I want to work for their magazine. Oh well. Maybe next time.

Here are some photos I was able to score. *Please disregard how not flattering I look.*

Au revoir NYFW...until next season!!


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