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Friday, September 17, 2010

NYFW: Richie Rich PopLuxe S/S 2011

Remember the post about Richie Rich inviting 350 bloggers to his premiere show? Well, this doll was fortunate enough to score an invite! Of course I was excited. It was my first show under the new tents, Lincoln Center. I was really curious to see how everything would be set up, because I am so used to Bryant fact, I thought I would be biased. But, bias no more. I am a fan of Lincoln Center being the official fashion capital during fashion week. While this season I was not an official member of the press (it was $80 this time, and yes, I just didn't want to spend it), I was able to spend some time under the tents and well...I'll always have Richie Rich.

Okay, so to open the show, guests enjoyed ballerinas gracing the stage. It totes made me nostalgic for the time I took ballet/tap/jazz lessons when I was younger. Of course I didn't appreciate it then, but I certainly do now, despite me not taking classes anymore...but I digress. After "Swan Lake", a DJ came out to get the crowd going. However, she was joined with uber talented violionist Kristine Elezay. She was ah-mazing! (By the way, I was enjoying the show with my gorge gal pal Misti. Oh, I forgot to tell you, so we were confirmed for VIP admission...which we found out was code for "standing". But everything worked out, and we got seats before the show started.) Post rocking violinist was the show. Everything you would expect from Richie Rich you saw. I have some faves of course. He even added a S&M-esque portion, which was just great for kicks and giggles.
Surprises: Tinsley Mortimer walked the runway. And ELLEN closed the show!!! Qu'elle Surprise indeed! She walked the runway in true Ellen fashion, face and all. Loved it x 100!

Well...enough of me talking. Take a look at the photos (all taken by me). You'll see what I wore, some crowd shots (esp. the back of a guy who was dressed OOC and didn't want his photo taken...but I took it), and of the runway. Enjoy!

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