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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Review Me: Saint Cupcake

The pink box. It's here!
Thanks to a press event, I was introduced to Saint Cupcake. A wonderful bakery headquartered in Oregon, but that delivers fresh, homemade cupcakes right to your door. I was a little hesitant about getting cupcakes delivered, since I have never gotten food delivered before, but since cupcakes are the new craze these days, I decided to test them out. I can't even explain to you how happy I was when UPS rang my doorbell because I was in serious need of something sweet. I chose a 3-pack. My picks: chocolate, carrot, and vanilla. There are 10 different flavors to choose from and I wanted to stick with the basics as my trial run. Next, I picked my icings: vanilla buttercream, hot fudge, and chocolate buttercream. They offer 8 choices for icings! I had no rhyme or reason when picking my 3, but they just sounded so good. Now, it was on to sprinkles, 19 to choose from: toasted coconut, chocolate jimmies, and rainbow jimmies. 

The box comes with cute instructions on how to enjoy.

My cupcake treats!
 The box initiates happiness. It's a pink box with the Saint Cupcake logo on top. Pink is my favorite color, so I was all too giddy. Of course, my first pick to try was a chocolate cupcake with hot fudge icing, sprinkled with chocolate jimmies. My parents were intrigued so I had to share. My mom had the vanilla upcake with vanilla buttercream frosting and no sprinkles. My dad was left with the carrot cake cupcake...which is funny because he didn't eat it that night. A couple of days went by, and let's just say he never got to eat it. Hey, I needed another sweet tooth fix. I paired it partially with chocolate buttercream icing and the other side with vanilla buttercream icing, so that I could say I tried all 3 icings, and topped the vanilla buttercream icing side with toasted almond sprinkles. 

My finished cupcake.
With the two cupcakes I tried, all I had to say was, "C'est si bon!!" I love x 3 Saint Cupcakes! I just liked the fact that they allow the customer to customize the cupcake at home. The presentation of the cupcakes is just so special and couture-esque. The cupcakes themselves were delicious...a definite indulgence! My mom was definitely a fan too! Let's just say neither one of us left a crumb on the plate, and I certainly owe my dad one. By the way, when you're spreading the icing on the cupcake, you will feel like you just baked a cupcake and putting the icing on the cake, so- to-speak. I felt like Suzie Homemaker or yes, it inspires moments.

I recommend you trying Saint Cupcakes...and if you don't live in the Oregon area, feel free to get them delivered right to your door!
3-pk $10.

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