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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blake and Red and Loubs all over!

Dolls, we all heard about the private and invite-only Louboutin sample sale last week. I seriously don't know what limb I have to cut off or who I need to be bff's with in order to be on the list, but brava to the ladies who get invited! Anywho, S, aka Blake Lively, was spotted last week buying 40 pairs of Loubs at the sample sale. It seems a lot of people have been sounding off, saying that she shouldn't have been there, and that she has more than enough money to buy them retail, but my thoughts? She's one smart cookie. I don't care if I have Oprah money, why spend more than I have to? I am just jealous that she scored 40 pairs. Now she claims she was buying some for her sisters and friends as gifts, my question is, were they all the same size? That's how you'll know if she was just indulging herself or being generous. Another thing is, I have been to this private sale (don't ask how I got in), and I couldn't find 40 styles in my I don't know how she scored so many. But kudos to her and her 40 pairs! (By the way, People StyleWatch did the math for us, and it's estimated that she spent around $9k.)

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