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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

On the Tele and Socialite-ing: Project Runway and Me

So, this shouldn't be a spoiler at this point, but sorry if it is. I just watched the last episode of Project Runway season 8. As you all know from my previous post, I was seriously rooting for Mondo...and it was so close too. I never saw the judges more split in a decision. But Gretchen Jones was the winner of the season. I won't eat sour grapes, her collection surprised me because there were some pieces I actually liked. What you didn't know is, I loved her model Millana! While I didn't like Gretchen, for obvious reasons, I thought Millana brought a unique look to her designs. Okay, so here is how everything ties in.
Last night, I had the privilege of attending The Fame Movement's first meetup event for Women on the Move at Raika Studio Salon. It was a really great networking event and I am glad I went. I met some really great businesswomen. my surprise, guess who was there? Millana!! She was there supporting her friend, Taren - who has an amazing YouTube following for women with natural hair, and I just had to meet her. Unfortunately, my gal pal "J" didn't know who she was since she didn't watch this season...but I did! By the way, she is just as pretty in you can see from the pic. Millana was super nice and of course we chatted about, what else? Project Runway. [this conversation is totally not verbatim...but just so you can get an idea.]

Me: You were my favorite model on Project Runway. You have this exotic look and my mom and I were always trying to figure out your ethnicity. But what was it like working with Gretchen?

Millana: Aww thanks. Gretchen is really nice. A lot of my friends and people always ask me what I thought about Gretchen. We're from the same area too, Colorado. Who did you want to win?

Me: Mondo! I wished you were paired with him...but I guess it all worked out for the best, since you won. Haha.

Millana: Yeah. I loved him too.

Me: Well, I didn't like Gretchen because she just seemed too opinionated....and not even about her own stuff, she seemed to have something to say about everyone else.

Millana: Yeah. She did. The fact is there was a lot of creative editing...but she still did say those things. I just wish they put some of the nice things she said too. But she really is nice.

Me: That's good. Well, when does your Marie Claire shoot come out?

Millana: Oh. I am shooting for that tomorrow. I am kind of nervous.

Me:'ll do great! I'll be sure to look out for it.

That was the convo in a nutshell. But it seems Gretchen might not be so bad after all. It was so cool talking to Millana. She's just a cool girl. And we exchanged business cards. I am sure she rocked the photoshoot today!

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