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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Exclusive Q&A: Wendy Robbins

So, I am very excited that I had the opportunity to have The Fashionisette Exclusive with a successful femmepreneur, Wendy Robbins. I love when I can speak to ladies who are accomplishing major things and getting great advice to use in life and business. If you haven't heard about Wendy Robbins, then you must not know about The Tingler, or maybe you haven't read Why Marry a Millionaire? Just Be One!, or maybe you don't watch TLC's Homemade Millionaire, of which Wendy is a coach and co-stars with Kelly Ripa. Wendy Robbins is a self-made millionaire, and is also founder of Nowhere to Millionaire, LLC, a company that helps other women accomplish what she has. Unfortunately, I couldn't have my scheduled phone interview with her, due to my new work schedule, but she was nice enough to answer my questions via e-mail. I hope you ladies are inspired to create and start your own empire...and instead of asking "Can you pay my bills?", we can change our tune to "Miss Independent." I hope you enjoy the interview...

 How did you come up with The Tingler? What was your inspiration?  
I love my head being rubbed and my friend was rubbing my head when we came up with the idea and raided our closet using hangers. Then we went to the hardware store and got toilet parts, jammed them together, and voila! There was the first Tingler head massager. It was the marketing that was the greatest success. Anyone can have an awesome idea, but if they don't know how to promote, sell, and market, they will end up with a garage full of whatever that idea was.

Love how that all came about. Sometimes that's just how it happens. What were some obstacles, that you can share with us, and how did you overcome them when becoming an entrepreneur?  
Fear, doubt, worry, and excuses are the big ones. Doubt means you don't have faith in yourself. Worry is using your past experiences to obsess on your future when, really, you need to be present with what is happening now. Re-train your mind to obsess on the positive, on visions that are clear with what you want or prefer. You can make excuses or you can have the life of your dreams - You can't have both! Fear is the friend you take with you on all your adventures. Re-parent and love your fear. Fear and love can't live in the same place, so focus on love.

That is really great advice. So, what are 5 things a woman should know or have to be a successful entrepreneur?  
1. A burning desire. A single chief aim.  
2. Faith in yourself that you will 'wo-manifest' your vision no matter what. 
3. Persistence. No matter how many say "No!" to you, you are always a walking, talking "Yes!" Keep the clarity to spite what others say to you.  
4. Get a coach! Get a mentor! Someone you resonate with to show you what does what, and what doesn't work. Find someone who has been where you want to go.
5. Get my book, "Why Marry a Millionaire? Just be one!" (NY Post said it's one of the top business books of 2010, and Bloomberg TV says I am "America's Next Top Entrepreneur."

Congratulations on that! 'Wo-manifest' is very clever. I like that. What is your definition of success?  Being in service to the most beings possible, being in love with your life, breathing, loving, and being loved unconditionally.

What a self-less and humble definition! Is there any advice that you can give to young and maturer women that want to start a business now?  
Find your passion and purpose. Know why you are creating the business. Be persistent. Have a solid, expanding dream, and go for it. Find a coach to work with - That Is Key! Everyone you admire has one, because it saves you time and money in the long run, and you are held accountable to be your word.

I am learning myself how important it is to find your passion and understand why you are creating this business or service. I totally agree about getting a coach or mentor. You can learn so much. Now, being a coach on Homemade Millionaire on TLC, is there anything new that you learned? What do you think of the experience? 
I learned that I don't like my hair when it's flat.*smiley face* (LoL)  I learned a lot about what does and what doesn't work when selling to HSN, and now understand how to coach even better. I loved the experience and am grateful to Kelly Ripa, her husband Mark, TLC, Discovery, and HSN for hiring me and believing that I could transform the women in two days.

Hahaha. My motto for hair is the bigger the better. But brava to you for doing a great job and to those who helped made it happen for you. If you can share, what are you looking forward to the most in 2011?  
Coaching women to be fulfilled, financially free, and making a difference on the planet. Having my own TV show where I share how people are making a difference on the planet. Directing a film about my book and it's results. Meeting Oprah. Being healthy, in love, and in service!  "Why Marry a Millionaire? Just be one!" becomes a major best seller - #1 NY Times best seller. Going to Tonga to swim with humpbacks and taking my inner circle with me. Speaking in Asia and Europe. Getting involved in charities that are micro-loans to deserving people.

Those are great goals for 2011. I hope they all come true for you. Now for some fun questions: 
What is your favorite place to shop? 
I love my local thrift stores and money goes back to help women in need...and there are some fun fashions and handmade original clothes.
Who is your favorite shoe designer? 
Where I live, a good pair of warm sturdy boots comes in handy. Or I just bought a pair of shoes that looks like a foot with a place for all my toes. 
Haha. I have a friend who just got a pair of those. What TV shows are in your TiVo/DVR? 
I don't watch TV. I did go to friends' houses to watch "Homemade Millionaire."
Wow. Okay. Well, what was your favorite fashion trend of 2010?  
Uh oh. Favorite fashion trend? Hmmm...I'm so out of that. I wear jeans, boots, and a lot of silk or velvet. So I guess I'm not too trendy. I love color, and people do usually stop me to ask where I got what I'm wearing.

Well, bright color is a trend for S/S 11, so I guess you'll fit right in.  Thank you so much Wendy for this interview. Wish you all the best in your endeavors!

For more information on Wendy and her company Nowhere to Millionaire, you can visit:

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