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Thursday, December 2, 2010

I am a "COUGAR" kind of girl!: COUGAR Boots Review

Cougar shoe box.
How exciting! I was selected to participate in a Matchstick program partnering with Cougar Boots as part of an Influencer program. Being chosen meant I got to select from the options the two boots (one rain boot, and one winter boot) I would like to review (and keep). Now, I was unfamiliar with the brand prior to being selected, but I must say, they already had me at the word Cougar. For my rain boot, I picked Regal. It's motorcycle edge spoke to me, and it was definitely better than the rain boots I have been sporting. For my winter boot, I chose Ringo Star in black (although, now I am wishing I got white. I love white in the winter! But the black are just as chic, and go with much more.).

Regal rain boot in the box.
The Regal rainboots have a polar fleece lining (which my cheap rainboots were missing), so they keep your feet warm during those cold rainy days. The thick sole gives excellent grip, so you're guaranteed not to slip (it's happened to me on the train. Very embarrassing.) and your feet will NOT get wet in these boots. The bonus, these boots are uber comfortable. Took them for a test run when this week. I just love the biker edge they give. It did fit my calves (my calves are about 17" circumference), and gave me just enough room for my leggings, skinny jeans, and my personal fave which combines the two, jeggings.
Me wearing the Regal rain boots

Ringo Star boots in the box.
Now, the winter boots are just as divine and get a fabulous rating from me too. Dolls, believe me when I say not only are they comfortable (and I was standing for 7 hours straight at work one day), I got a lot of compliments on them too, but they keep you warm without compromising style. The faux fur is just on the cuff part, but on the inside you get polar plush lining. What I really enjoyed was how easy it is to put them on. I get so tired of pulling and zipping, huffing and puffing, just to get some boots on, especially over skinny jeans. But these Ringo Star boots can fit any calf, are easy to slip on over your bottoms of choice, and easy to secure...just tie a bow. I can't wait to try them out in the real winter NY weather, if I have to go outside during those days (because those are the days I want/need to stay under the covers and order in).

Wearing the Ringo Star boots.
All Cougar boots have perforated insoles to prevent your feet from sweating (thank goodness) and, let's hope this doesn't happen, but in case you're traveling or the weather does drop this season, these boots are made to keep your toes toasty up to as low as -22 degrees F. They know boots and cold, they are from Canada after all.

Okay, some details that I thought were noteworthy:  - the shoe boxes also double as a bag.
- I heart the shoe box message: For the world you walk on. Love what you wear.
- The mantra is also translated in french. (c'est si bon!)
- on the shoe box by the handle it says: Bagless. Because every step counts.

Every shoe-per trooper should go Cougar this winter! (FYI, getting complimentary boots did not affect my opinion. If I didn't like it, I would NOT write about it. Hence some missing reviews already...who shall go nameless.)

The shoe box is your bag!
"Bagless. Because every step counts."

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