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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Kardashian K-mas

Behold. The 2010 Kardashian Holiday Card. I feel like I am looking at a modern episode of Dynasty rather than a family holiday card photo. But I must say, everyone looks great. Kim of course looks beautiful, but I have to say, I am really loving Khloe's's definitely a gown I would wear. To me, it does seem a little odd that Kourtney, Scott, and cutie pie Mason are so off to the side though (although I rather dislike Scott). And I wish everyone would've smiled. This isn't a Vogue couture shoot, it's a family photo for the holidays. Oh well. That's Hollywood for you.

And I am loving Kim's solo photo. Because as Wendy would say, "It's all about you Kim."

*Thanks to Celebuzz for the photos! There are more great behind the scenes photos too.*


  1. That picture is so ridiculous! I mean who sends that out as a Christmas card?!

  2. It is a really nice picture but it reminds me of the Adams Family... Alittle bit..