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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shoe Talk: Bloggers Luncheon with Faryl Robin

Faryl and I.
On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending a special Bloggers Luncheon with Faryl of Faryl Robin at her NYC studio. The luncheon was for bloggers to get to know the brand, learn the design process from concept to execution, and get to know Faryl (who is just uber nice and all sorts of fab). Despite the rainy weather, I couldn't miss a chance to talk about shoes. Not only was there a spread of good eats, there was a good spread of Faryl Robin shoes. We all sat while Faryl held centerstage discussing her start in footwear and the trends that she interpreted into her designs.

Here are some fun facts to know:
  • Faryl got her start by working for Kenneth Cole and Aerosoles.
  • She learned design, pattern making, and production in Italy.
  • Faryl Robin was created because Faryl wanted to go to work and go to a bar at the same time [in the same pair of shoes] and couldn't afford both.
Who is the Faryl Robin girl?
"She is independent, self-empowered, ...uses fashion as a tool. She is in her 20's-40's, reads Us Weekly and Vogue, re-interprets what the world says is cool and does it in her own way. She's more inclined to walk out of a bar because a woman is wearing the same pair of shoes than because she fell down walking in." To sum it up, "she's perfectly imperfect."
Some of the S/S 11 trends that Faryl was inspired by were: American Sophisticate (modern femme), Guerilla Offense (tough girl chic), Surface Break (texture & perforation), Uniformed (subtle military, more utility), Mixed Media (mash-up of prints and textures), Graphichissimo - my personal fave (black & white with modern silhouettes).

What I appreciated is how dedicated Faryl is to staying true to herself, but importantly to her customer. She takes a lot of time to design a shoe for the Faryl Robin girl, and even would work in Nordstrom's to know her customer better. One day she hopes to expand into handbags and really create a lifestyle brand...for now she's the "little engine that could" taking it one stylish step at a time.

Here are some photos I took, so you can feel like you were there!

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