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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Congrats to @chocl8fashnPR! Winner of Twitter Name Contest

I hope you all had a safe entry into 2011! It's the end of one decade, and the start of another one. If you remember, I was holding a Twitter name contest for myself and had 2 fabulous entries!! [The Contest.] It was so hard for me to choose. But ultimately, I chose the winning name by @chocl8fasnhPR. She chose @FashnShoe_PRez. I thought it really worked because it combined my love and career in fashion, shoes, and PR, while still keeping my "Prez" in the name.@magsandfashion definitely made it hard to choose, since she had a fabulous one as well. But, in case I ever decide to change...I will keep her name in the archives.
Congratulations Nicole (@chocl8fashnPR) for helping to give me a new Twitter name! You are the proud winner of the fabulous prizes below:
$25 Gilt Groupe giftcard, a bag ofPopcorners chips, a bottle of 12 Noon to Midnight 'Rouge', a pack of exclusive Lacee Swanstationary, a set of Stiruppz, a sample bottle of SOAK, a Clearly Beautiful facial mask, anOovoo mini-bag, and a Nunaat Chocolate Special Conditioner.

Enjoy doll!!!

And, to show my appreciation to Yodalis (@magsandfashion), she will receive a bottle of 12 Noon to Midnight 'Rouge'.

Thanks ladies for entering!!

Be sure to follow me on Twitter @fashionisette and now at @FashnShoe_PRez

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