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Friday, February 11, 2011

NYFW: Kimberly Taylor A/W '11

The fashion line-up.
I kicked off NYFW at the Dop Dop Salon for the Kimberly Taylor A/W '11 Presentation. [Love presentations because it really encourages interaction. You get to socialize and speak with the designer in an environment that is not so rushed and chaotic.] Looking at Kimberly's collection, I instantly appreciated it's effortless chic and easy breezy styling. With hints of red, leather accents, maxis and minis, it's a collection that has pieces for everyone. Speaking of styling, Leandra Medine, of the talked about blog, The Man Repeller, personally styled the collection. There were definite man repelling touches from the leather bowties, that Leandra says were custom made for the show, to leather detail jackets, and especially the leopard mini-skirts.
Leandra Medine in the middle of the models.
I got to briefly meet Leandra who was donning a leopard dress, and while it wasn't the best meet and greet, I think it's great she coined the phrase. I asked her the definition of "The Man Repeller", since I was unfamiliar with her and her site [for shame I know], and here is what she said: "Man repeller fashion is the fashion that women love and men hate. " So, there you have it. I am looking into adding pieces to my closet that may turn the guys' heads the other way.

(l-r) The Fashionisette, Kimberly Taylor, Fashionista NY Girl.
I got a chance to chat with the designer Kimberly Taylor, who was a delight! She made sure that if she started a conversation with you, no matter who came up to interrupt, she came back and finished it with you. Love when designers take the time to speak to their guests. I asked her what was her inspiration behind the collection and she said "I was inspired by my trip to London." The Londonettes dress with such ease, that Kimberly had to take a cue from them and bring it back to us USA true Kimberly fashion. Of course I mentioned that the over-the-knee high stockings made me nostalgic for Clueless. She said, "If only they would bring back those feather pens."

Guests enjoyed sipping champagne and mingling. I ran into my fave photog at GofG and he intro'd me to a really cool blogtress, Fashionista NY Girl , and photog'd us with the designer and solo throughout the night.

Here are my shots of the night!

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