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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday Love: Foundations of a Strong Relationship


If you were to poll any home builder around the world, what do you think would be the most important thing needed to build a strong lasting home…the first thing that would come out of every single one of their mouths would be, A STRONG FOUNDATION.
Now with that in mind, take a second and try to answer this question, “what’s one thing that starts a relationship off on the right path or would be considered a strong foundation? Many people feel its chemistry, while other more delusional people feel that looks and raw physical attraction are what build a strong relationship. I laugh at people who say that, because they’re confusing what may have been the first thing to attract them to someone with what builds a strong lasting relationship; and their relationship will end up crumbling like this photo.

So what is it that I'm referring to as an overlooked key to building a strong relationship...…FRIENDSHIP, which leads to TRUST.
Friendship is defined as the co-operative and supportive behavior between two people. This involves mutual knowledge, esteem, affection for one another, and an exhibition of loyalty or mutually helping behavior. Friends desire the best for one another, they sympathize with one another and are honest and truthful at times when other may not speak the truth.
Can you think of anything more important than that?
Why does it seem so illogical to people that if a friend is who you share your triumphs, failures, and fears of life with, wouldn’t a solid friendship also be a key to opening the locked door to a successful relationship? Take a second and examine your relationship with your best friend and see if it’s possible to build that kind of connection with the person that you’re interested in.
Well, how can such a friendship be developed? Communication is a HUGE factor. When spending time together choose activities that promote communication and encourage conversation. Good healthy conversation is an opening to truly getting to know someone for who they really are. Try very hard to not let physical attraction or chemistry overpower the relationship. While attraction has its appropriate place, this is NOT a good building block on which a relationship can be built.
When physical affection plays too large a role in a relationship it can blur the lines of one’s perception and can begin to cause them to misconstrue physical attraction for love. And when looking through "rose-colored" glasses...everything seems perfect.

A relationship can’t last on attraction or looks alone; it MUST be rooted in something deeper. Once the looks fade with age, a strong friendship will provide you with the foundation needed to make it through the hard times and continue finding happiness together. It’s that bond of friendship and trust that will help you along your way to your ultimate goal which is finding true love.

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