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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Love: You're Worth It - The EX Factor

Welcome to “You’re Worth It”, the weekly guide to helping better relationships from the male perspective, and helping all realize their “TRUE WORTH”. Now some may say, that a man’s perspective doesn’t mean much, but in reality…who knows men better than a man?

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The jewel of wisdom du jour…

            “For one to have a successful relationship, one must learn to let go of past relationships.”

That’s definitely easier said than done, but desperately necessary if a successful relationship is what one seeks. Letting go of a past relationship doesn’t mean that you completely forget about someone from your past, but not to dwell on them too long because that could cause someone to miss out on a possibly great opportunity. We have to remember that there are both healthy and unhealthy/destructive ways of remembering past relationships.

The emotional ties to an ex need to be severed. It’s extremely important to remember that…AN EX IS AN EX FOR A REASON!  It’s impossible to hold memories of a past relationship so near and dear to your heart without them negatively impacting your possibilities of making a serious lasting connection with someone new. The longer you’re hung up on someone from your past, the more likely it is that anyone new who might have any interest in you whatsoever…will move on to someone who’s not preoccupied with a past love.

Not getting over a past love can lead to you putting undue expectations upon someone you might be interested in…which we’ll talk about next week.

Remember….You’re Worth It!

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