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Thursday, July 7, 2011

FBC : Men - 10 Essential Skills, The Professional's Guide

The book cover.
Photo of Swing a Golf Club chapter.
Ok "kens" this book is for you! I was recently intro'd to this book and sent a copy to read and review for you. I must say, this is a definite must-read for guys! Men: 10 Essential Skills - The Professional's Guide by RVR (and other authors) covers 10 essential skills every guy should know, such as: Tie a Tie, Propose a Toast, Order and Taste Wine in a Restaurant, and Keep the Girl. It's the perfect "how-to" and "how-to-do-it-well" book for the guy that needs to know the basics. It's well illustrated, which is definitely needed for the Tie a Tie section that teaches step-by-step how to tie a necktie (with your choice of three basic knots) and bow tie. Sidenote: I also think ladies should know how to do that as well. Other skills like Play Poker, Swing a Golf Club, Mix a James Bond Martini make sure the guy is well-rounded. I think the book highlights the benefits of being a guy. I love how the book got started. The idea of it was started with 6 guys sitting around a campfire, puffing on cigars, sharing bottles of fine Bordeaux, and bringing up "The List" (skills that men cannot survive without). The primary author and publisher, RVR (which stands for Robert Valdes-Rodriguez), reached out to friends and friends of friends who are all pros in their area for assistance with the book, and voila! A guide for the savvy guy. By the way, RVR is also a luxury neckwear designer.

Photo of the Tie a Tie section.
It's a fabulous 106-pg book that you can jump right on in with. And since each skill has its own chapter, you can just go straight to the section you're most interested in (or need help with the most). So "kens" this is the perfect summer read for you because us "dolls" appreciate a guy who knows how to propose a toast, tie a tie, order wine, and know how to keep us.

Pick up your copy at Amazon for just $19.99.

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