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Friday, July 1, 2011

Good Morning Beyonce!

What a way to start off July 4th weekend with a Good Morning America performance by Beyonce. This morning (thanks to my aunt who sent out my wake up text) I started my day off with Bey. I did miss her first performance of Who Run the World (Girls), but picked right up with 1+1 and Best Thing I Never Had, and it's not complete without Single Ladies which she rocked out last. Beyonce was a ball of sunshine in her mini-yellow crochet fringe dress, and blonde curly locks. Her work ethic is surpassing and it definitely pays off! I'll be the first to say (even though everyone who knows me knows I am a MAJOR Bey fan), she might not be the best singer out there, but she has to got to be one of the best female performers hands down.

In case you missed it today, check out her interview:

*Thanks to for the photos.*


  1. I missed this on good morning america! I love Beyonce! Thank you so much for sharing this, I found you on IFB.

  2. Hey Jen. Thanks so much for the love. Are we IFB friends?