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Monday, August 29, 2011

On the Tele: VMA 2011 - Performances

Let's talk performances shall we. We have to start with Lady Gaga, who is always trying something different. Last night we were intro'd to Jo Calderone, her male alter ego. I was entertained in the beginning by it, but was over it during the Britney Spears tribute. Gaga opened with "You and I".

I was pleasantly surprised to see Jay-Z and Kanye perform "Otis" last night. I just love this whole Watch the Throne album. It's one of the best collabos in music. They are both on top of their game and they just seem to really be having a good time.

Pitbull and Ne-yo helped get the party started with "Give me Everything". I must say, Pitbull wore red pants way better than Bieber. And, you can never go wrong with a laser show.

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One of my fave singers of the moment is Adele. She can just sing. She performed "Someone Like You", and those lyrics are just touching. Love when a singer just sing, no background dancing, no auto-tune, no lip-synching...just a piano, a mic, and a voice. And I did love her retro feel ensemble.

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Chris Brown didn't sing at all last night and I was alright with that. He's a good dancer and put his skills to good use. He performed to a melange of songs and genres. I thought his performance was visually appealing, and while he basically lip-synced, his dancing made up for it.

MTV paid tribute to Amy Winehouse with Tony Bennett and Bruno Mars. I thought the tribute was very well done, a little short, but nice and made us all remember the talent Amy had. Bruno sang "Valerie".

And to close out the show, Lil Wayne performed. *sighs* I was with him when he was performing "How to Love", but then I was done when he switched over to his 'smells like teen spirit' rocker vibe, picked up a guitar, strummed it twice, then throws it down. All of this done in animal print jeggings (?) Next thing I know, the VMAs came to a close after he pushed the mic down.

See you all next year!

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