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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

FHFL: Brian Atwood vs. Miss Me

Miss Me Jocelyn 24 Peep toe pumps. $30.77
Brian Atwood Wagner rivet suede pumps. $595

I interrupt our fashion week coverage for this FHFL moment (aka Fashion High for Less). I remember swooning over the Brian Atwood Wagner Rivet Suede Pumps when I saw them, and then tripping over the hefty price tag. So I just left that pair on the dream shelf...remember I am trying to be more recession proof. But, I stumbled upon a pair last night that reminded me of the Atwoods. Miss Me has a Jocelyn 24 style peep toe that gives me the same riveting feeling without leaving a hole in my wallet. I am not sure if you saw them or not, but you know me, I have to share the deals. [Plus, you can't find the Brian Atwood Wagners anymore...]

Pick up the Miss Me Jocelyn 24 pumps at [just click to be taken to the site].

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