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Friday, September 23, 2011

Photoshoot Fresh Series: What is True Style?

[This guest post is from Reggie Marshall, renowned LA fashion stylist. Every Friday he will feature his Photoshoot Fresh Series, a weekly post for you stylish gents out there. Finally, something for the "kens".]

Christopher Kane

People love to ask the question what does style and fashion mean to you? Well to be honest it means everything. For starters, style and fashion are two totally different worlds. Fashion is different collections that are shown on the runways from Paris to N.Y. By specific designers. Style, on the other hand, is how those looks are worn and mixed with other designers to create a different look. Everyone has a style, be it a designer, a cab driver, or street worker. Style, be it good or bad, is everywhere. Let's talk about men's style shall we.

Rick Owens
Menswear has evolved from heavy wool clothing, and top hats to t-shirts and jeans. But one fact remains, women as well as some men love a well dressed man. I feel that as a man dressing every morning can sometimes be a challenge with the key being to always make the outfit look effortless. Remember... just because you wear brand names does NOT mean you look good. Yes, style is an opinion, but good style is something everyone appreciates and you will know by the people around you who complement whatever style or outfit you wear that day. Less is more, a plain White V-neck, Levis, Chuck Taylor shoes, and, Ray Bans are a must have in a man's closet.
A classic go-to look.

Also, don't be afraid to make a modest statement with a pop of color. With N.Y. fashion week all wrapped up, mens looks are as colorful as ever with Christopher Kane doing amazing bold prints to Rick Owens doing what he does best with chic, slim darker looks. So in closing, style is up to you! Wear what makes you feel good because when you feel good, life is good.

Until next week, have a photoshoot fresh kind of a day!

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