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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Love: What are Sundays Really For?

Jewel of wisdom du jour: Don't knock it until you try it!

Ladies…the NFL season just started a week ago and I’m already hearing some women complaining about their husbands or boyfriends spending too much time watching football and not spending enough time with them. Now…I’m not going to sit here and say that it’s OK for a man to neglect his woman all day long…that’s unfair. But at the same time, a man should be allowed to be a man and watch football.

So the best thing to do is to compromise. If you know your man likes to spend the day on Sunday watching football….let him know you want to go out and do something fun on Saturday. Or how about this….come Sunday afternoon when the game is about to kickoff…express interest in learning football…the teams, positions, rules, etc.

Many women I’ve spoken to about this very subject that have an issue with their man spending too much time viewing sports are the same women who don’t truly understand the sport or who’ve never tried to learn or understand it.

So the advice for today is try sitting down and watching a game or two with your man this weekend…or if you’re single…watch a game or two by yourself or with friends and try to learn as much as you can…because the reality of things is this…men do like it when a woman knows a little about or is a little into sports…not necessarily to the extent that she’s showing him up at his company flag football game…but enough that she can be around him and his friends and not be the odd-woman out.

Who knows…you might like football once you get to learn more about it. And erase the notion from your mind that men don’t want to answer questions about the game while the game is happening. That’s not true….your asking questions shows that you’re interested in something that we truly love and we’ll be more than willing to answer questions if you’re truly interested and not asking about things that have nothing to do with the game. If men see you put forth that kind of effort to learn something that women generally aren’t interested in…the chances that he’ll show an interest in things you really like will grow exponentially.

Trust me….it works….learn some football terminology before the game this Sunday and just sit down with your man and don’t say anything. He’ll probably say to you…“you’re going to watch the game with me?” Just smile and nod…wait until the game starts….and then ask him about some of what you’ve learned. Maybe ask him…“what makes it a first down”, “Why did that guy waive his hands in the air before catching the ball”, “Why did he take a knee back there and not run”, “Why did the referee throw that flag”? Asking these questions will show you have an interest in his interests, and will reassure him that you feel he’s the authority on this subject that he should be the one to explain it to you. This will win you huge brownie points and future credit toward him doing something that you love to do.

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