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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Photoshoot Fresh Series: [Sunday Edition] Step up Your Shoe Game

Have you heard the saying if you give a girl a pair of shoes she will walk out of your life? Well, if it's a pair of Louboutins I don't think she's going anywhere.
Shoes are always a staple of one's look. I don't know about you, but when I look at someone, I am always looking down at their shoes. Shoes say a lot about someone. Shoes can make or break a look. One can wear a Tom Ford suit, but if they shoes aren't on point, it can throw the complete look off. A great pair of Guidi shoes bring out my favorite element of style, "imperfect perfect", that makes sense when done right.

The outfit can be muted, but let the shoes do the talking. I love a well designed colorful shoe, such as a cheetah print YSL high top. LOVE!! If worn with a suit and a crisp White V-neck, like we spoke about last week, the look can look Killer! As worn here by the Biebs.
Justin Biber
Kanye West

I love the juxtaposition between a dressy outfit and and a clean casual shoe! Take a cue from Kanye. A tuxedo with a brand new pair of Jordans is the new red carpet. Is that a played out look? Not sure yet, but it can give an edgy...I'm too cool to care look that works.

I've just recently seen a fantastic shoe brand by the name of Electrolites, these shoes are awesome! This Brooklyn, NY based brand designed an all red pair with a removable molded rose piece that can be worn on a blazer or jacket to complete the look. I ordered these right away!

Shoes definitely finish the look! And don't your feet deserve a treat? You work hard. So your feet should play hard. Try to step your shoe game up by getting yourself a comfortable, but style complementary, new pair of shoes. Besides if it wasn't for your feet how else would get around.

Have a photoshootfresh kind of a day!


  1. why are you still letting this MORON write for your blog?

  2. Hi. Thank you for your comments. I'm happy that you at least read the site. I'm sorry you haven't been enjoying the Photoshoot Fresh series and that you feel like that towards the writer...I hope that you will like the upcoming posts he will be writing. If not, hopefully you are enjoying the other posts we have.

  3. Im sure that negative person is a huge fashion editor.
    Right??! Lol

  4. Still Fresh & cool article bout style, #yuhatin? Lol!!!!

  5. Love it! And love the cheetah YSL's !! Word!

  6. my man Reggie is no joke on the fashion tip!! Definitely coming to you next time I need styling for my next photoshoot!