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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday Love: Things Women do that You Never Knew Men Hated!

Today we're going to address some different things that women do which get under a man's skin.

1. Men can't stand it when women are critical of other females. Studies have proven that women tend to treat other women as competition or rivals, not necessarily for their man, but in society in general. It's a total turn-off for a man to hear a woman continually talk about another woman's shoes, handbags, clothes, etc., in a negative fashion. Complimenting a woman's style or taste is one thing but bashing her because you feel she's not as stylish as you, makes you look very insecure and childish.

2. Jealousy can end a relationship or even prevent one from beginning. Some experts will say that a little jealousy is good for relationships but in my opinion that's not true. The true cause of jealousy tends to be the lacking of trust, and if you lack trust in your can that build a relationship stronger? If your man happens to look at another woman or comments on how another woman looks...don't automatically go into panic mode and think he wants her. Trust me...if he wanted her...he wouldn't be there with you. Men are visual creatures and if he sees an attractive woman and comments on her...accept it and move on. Don't ask if she's prettier than HATE that. Keep in mind that his making comments like that isn't to irritate you, he feels comfortable enough in your relationship that he doesn't think it'll bother you. Now, if those comments do bother you...say so...but do it in a calm manner. If however, it gets to the point where he's gawking at other women right in front of you, to the extent that he's attempting to flirt with her; then that's a different story. No man, should be that disrespectful and stare at another woman like he wants to attack her, whether in front of you or not. If a guy is in a committed relationship and he's acting like that in front of can only imagine what he's doing when you're not around. You may want to keep your eyes open to the other possible signs.

3. Men need space. What's meant by that? Don't smother him...he does want to spend time with you, it just doesn't need to be every single waking minute of every single day. All his free time doesn't have to be dedicated specifically to you. If you hear about his friends going out somewhere and he hasn't brought it up to you, chances are he's thinking that you'll have a problem with him wanting to spend time with his friends. Try this for a change...insist that he go with his friends that shows that you don't need to be up under him 24/7 and it shows you trust that he won't do anything crazy. Besides...if you are more willing to let him go out every once in a while...but before he leaves...tell him that you'll be "waiting for him" when he gets me when I say....he won't stay out too long...if you know what I mean.

4. Don't try to drag our emotions out of us. Men have just as many emotions as women do, but we don't always show them. When we have something emotional to share...we will. And the fact that we aren't sharing our emotions every day doesn't mean there's a problem or disconnect in our relationship. So don't read into it too much and think that we now need to go to couples counseling because I'm not sharing how my day went or how I felt throughout my day.Which leads to number five.

5. Men get very irritated when every little thing that happens a woman feels that it's a sign that there's a problem in the relationship. It comes off as you're trying to find a problem or create a problem in our relationship and that becomes very frustrating. Every disagreement or little tiff doesn't need to be turned into an Oprah or Dr. Phil segment. If there's truly a problem, we'll address it and be willing to talk things out.

6. We all know that women tend to talk more than men do. This might sound picky, but men do like silence every once in a while. Just sitting at home with our woman, watching a movie is enough for us sometimes. We don't need or want to fill every second in each other's presence with talking about whatever. If there are some things that NEED to be discussed...that's one thing, but just filling the silence because it's there...that's not necessary. Women tend to talk about every detail of an event or story while men are more fact or essential detail oriented. If you see your man's eyes start to glaze over as your telling him a story...chances are he's not really hearing what you're saying anymore. Men want to hear WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY. All the extra words just get in the way.

7. Don't use sex as a weapon. We've all heard about a woman choosing to punish her man by not having sex with him because she's upset with him. The sad thing about that is that there are more consequences to that kind of behavior than sex just being withheld from him. It's unfortunate but there are many men who if treated like this too often...will begin to lose interest in having sex with their woman that point, it'll be hard to reverse the damage done. And he could decide to end the relationship or even worse start looking for sex outside the relationship while remaining with you. Besides, sex is supposed to be something enjoyable for both parties, not some kind of leveraging tool used to win arguments or settle disputes. Use your words to work those issues'll work out better for everyone in the long run.

If you keep these things in mind and are able to work them into your current or future relationship, you'll find that you'll be enthroned with the title "ULTIMATE GIRLFRIEND OR WIFE". Trust me....I know....I'm married to one!!!

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