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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Trend Obsession: Ice Skate Boots

June Ambrose wearing DSquared2 boots
Beyonce wearing Alain Quilici boots

Alain Quilici boots
Of recent, the idea of ice skate boots have been growing on me. At first, I didn't understand this look, and really understand how to dress with it. But seeing celeb stylist (and my stylicon) June Ambrose wearing the DSquared2 boots started making me rethink my position. She rocked the boots during New York Fashion Week. Now what really sold me on the idea was a recent photo of Beyonce in New York wearing Alain Quilici's version of skate boots. His style seems more stable to walk on. I think the heels on these ice skating boots are a little intimidating. Well, I am on the mission to get some ice skating style boots. I love when my footwear makes an entrance. However, to be honest, I will probably wait for someone to replicate these styles at a cheaper price. I would hate to pay a little over a $1,000 for a pair. You know me and my fashion highs for less.

DSquared Ice Skate Moss boots

What do you think? Would you wear them?

[Sidenote: Thank you all for the love and support through the loss of my cousin. I really appreciated it. I am still with my family, but needed and wanted to start writing again. So, The Fashionisette is back and ready to start talking.]

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