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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gift Guide: The Femmepreneur

It's that special time of year! So what do you get the dolls and kens in your life? Well, we here at The Fashionisette (albeit last minute) are putting together our first gift guide, just in case you're doing your shopping last minute too.

First up, The Femmepreneur. She's the doll who is all about mixing business with style. Here are some ideas on what to get her...and that she will actually use.

Scotch "shoe" tape dispenser. $9.99. Staples
I was in Staples the other day and came across the best tape dispenser I have ever seen. It's a black patent platform shoe dispenser. Adorable right?? It combines shoes and an office necessity. You always need tape right? And it decorates the desk perfectly. In the stores it's just $9.99, but in case you can't make it, you can order it online for $10.99. Scotch Shoe Tape Dispenser.

Post-it Pop Up Purse. $9.99. Staples
Keeping with the chic office supply theme, this Post-it Pop Up Purse is too cute to keep track of all your post-it notes. It's great for the girl who loves handbags and needs to jot down the latest boutique. Post-it Pop Up Purse. $9.99.

Want to get something more personalized? I am a huge fan of Design Her Gals stationary. You can design stationary, mugs, water bottles, iPad sleeves and more with a character that looks like your doll (or ken too). You can pick the body type, hair, eye color, outfit, accessories, etc. that resembles your friend. Who doesn't like personalized stationary designed in their likeness? And now you can receive 40% off your order. Design Her Gals Stationary. Prices vary.

Heart hole puncher. $16. Uncommon Goods.
Have an office romantic? This heart hole puncher is ideal. Just because she's a professional, doesn't mean she doesn't believe in love. The heart pole puncher takes up to 7 sheets of paper and leaves behind cute heart-shaped confetti. Heart Hole Punch. $16. Uncommon Goods.

Funchico v2.0 Vintage Laptop Case. $99.

Toting a laptop doesn't have to look boring. Rainebrooke is one of my favorite makers of chic laptop bags! They offer a variety of styles, and in my favorite color - pink. With the return of vintage style TV shows (think Pan Am), carrying retro bags is definitely in trend. This pink and ivory herringbone tweed is a nod to the nostalgic with the 2.0 technology she carries inside.
inside the laptop case.
Funchico v2.0 Vintage Laptop Case. $99. Rainebrooke.

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