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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday Love: Surviving the Holidays

Jewel of wisdom du jour: Drink and party responsibly!!!

This is going to be a quick survival guide to navigate through the holiday season. There are many possible pitfalls that could cause many issues and get your new year started off on the wrong foot….I’m going to help you avoid those issues.

First and foremost, save hooking up with someone for nights out partying with your friends when the liquor is flowing freely. Don’t even entertain the thought of hooking up when you’re at a company function. I don’t care how good looking a guy or girl is at the job….it’s not a smart idea as it could make your work environment very difficult and tense going forward. Words to remember: “Don’t $**T where you eat!” This leads me to my second piece of advice.

Consume alcohol wisely!!! Knowing your limitations is of utmost importance. While alcohol does lower inhibitions and relaxes the atmosphere, at times it can do more harm than good if not used in moderation. Choose where and how much alcohol you consume, drinking too much at say…an office holiday party…could land you in the unemployment line if not careful. Because of the fact that alcohol does lower inhibitions, it might be best to keep to a 2 drink maximum at company holiday parties, especially if you have issues with your co-workers or boss. The last thing you want to do is be known as the office drunk or say something inappropriate to co-workers or even your boss…and then have security asked to remove you from the party…which in most cases is a given that you’d better start looking for a new job in the morning.
I don’t know why many men decide the holiday season is the time for his girlfriend to meet the family. In my opinion, the girlfriend (if exclusively dating) should meet the family at a summertime barbecue over Fourth of July weekend or Memorial Day weekend….not during the holidays. But for some reason we men continually do that. So ladies…here’s a little tip for you…don’t try to do too much or go over the top on first meeting the family or TRY to impress them. Just be yourself and let things follow their natural course. If he’s a good guy, he won’t let you be put into an awkward situation, and he’ll make sure to not stray from your side for too long or leave you alone to get peppered with questions for too long either.

One other thing that many people don’t tend to realize is that many relationships don’t make it through the holiday season. The stress is elevated because there are some many things to do and not much time to do them in….but you must remember to get the proper amount of rest and prioritize the things that need to be accomplished throughout the holiday season if you want your relationship to last. Depriving yourself of sleep will only make you less productive and grumpier and more agitated which will eventually lead to fights with your significant other. So remember that taking care of your relationship begins with taking care of yourself and getting the rest your body needs. Also, make sure to make a little time for just you and your significant other.

Here’s to wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and safe end of 2011.

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