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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bey Baby Watch: Beyonce delivers Blue Ivy Carter

With all of the rumors surrounding Beyonce's pregnancy, we can finally put it to rest (or at least I hope so). It is officially reported that she has delivered a healthy baby girl. Reports say she and Jay-Z checked into Lenox Hill Hospital on Saturday and rented out the whole 4th floor (for an estimated $1.3 million). Mama Bey checked in under the alias "Ingrid Jackson." Privacy always comes with a hefty price tag. The hospital staff on Manhattan's UES had to reportedly hand in their cell phones to prevent leaked photos and the security cameras were covered with tape. Congratulations Bey and Jay!! We can't wait to see the baby photos of miss Blue Ivy Carter (Seems they changed the name from Ivy Blue.)

I won't give my thoughts on the name, Blue Ivy Carter, but what do you all think of the name? (I'm dying to know.)

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  1. I've been pretty convinced for a while she was preggers, glad to see it all finally comes out! In more way than but regarding her name...I'm not a fan but if stardom is in her future which it most certainly is, then it will make for a good stage name.

    true queen