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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Red Carpet: Golden Globes 2012

Paula Patton in Monique Lhuillier.
So I picked my Top 15, but I couldn't leave out the ones that get you talking...and not necessarily in the best way, but they just opted to be different. Like case in point, Paula Patton in Monique Lhuillier. I am not opposed...but I am not in love. I think the shape of the dress works, but I don't think the canary yellow worked for her skin tone. The gown out-shined her.

Julianne Moore in Chanel.
Kelly Osbourne in Zac Posen.

Next up is Julianne Moore in Chanel. Again, it doesn't really bother me, but the silhouette of the gown is off. However, I loved her green jewelry, and with her red hair, it just worked. Not to mention, the few minutes I did watch of the awards, I could've sworn the back of her gown had an exposed zipper. If so, then that's just one more point towards the look. (I am a sucker for an exposed zipper.)

Kelly Osbourne in Zac Posen I was a little disappointed in. I am eager to see how The Fashion Police will handle this case. First off, I am not really a fan of this light gray hair color she has been sporting, but last week on the show when she wore a hot pink lipstick and her hair was down, she recruited me to team gray hair (I just think it should be darker). Ok, back to the red carpet. While I do enjoy a cobalt blue anything (because that pop of color is just never wrong), the dramatic sleeves with a dramatic fishtail bottom cancels each other out. I say when going for dramatic evening wear, just choose one thing to dramatize. But I still adore Kelly O.

Mary J. Blige in Michael Kors.
I don't think I have a major problem with Mary J. Blige in this feather number a la Michael Kors. It's MJB, so I can't bad talk her. But, I do think her hairstyle should've been a sleek and sophisticated updo. Other than that, I think she represented well.

Tina Fey in Oscar de la Renta.

I am a HUGE fan of anything Oscar de la Renta. Like you know, I love a dramatic ending to an gown and he always offers up just that. Now, I have to say, I am so thrilled to see funny and smart girl Tina Fey wearing something form fitting and just stepping outside her box to up her glam factor. I think her hairstyle missed the glam memo. A nice chignon or sleek back look would've been preferred...and totally unexpected. I am waiting her for Miss Congeniality moment.

Laura Dern in Gucci.
I found Laura Dern in this sequined green Gucci dress intriguing. It was different. Very Oz-like. She wasn't a best-dressed for me, but she wasn't a worse-dressed. She was more like a "Could've been worse" for me. I'm not sure what I would've changed...if anything.

Lea Michele in Marchesa.
Lea Michele seemed to be a major disappointment on the carpet with this Marchesa choice. Now I love the gown! Do I love it on Lea? No. This is a classic example of the right gown on the wrong person, or vice-versa. Another personality and body type would've worked this gown. Like Halle Berry, which the top part of the gown is something similar she has already worn. So I cannot tear the gown apart, I just don't think it was the right choice for Lea.

Meryl Streep
Jessica Lange
Now for the ladies in black. Jessica Lange and Meryl Streep. I don't know who they are wearing, but I kind of liked their choices. Let's face it, they are both respectable actresses (and I am a die hard Streeper! And yes, I just made that up) and I thought they didn't fail on the red carpet. I love the silhouette of Jessica's gown and it looks like black jersey (a fabric I could live my every day in). And Meryl opted for a classic shirt dress silhouette. It's classy, chic, comfortable, and I find nothing wrong with it. Plus the nude inserts upped it a little.

That's it for my red carpet commentary. Am I missing a look that has you talking? What did you think of the Golden Globes red carpet this year?

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  1. Definitely Halle or J. Lo could have rocked that Marchesa dress better than Lea