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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Love: He's No Threat....Just an Old Friend!

After watching "The Game" on Tuesday night, I decided to watch "Let's Stay Together" (Don't judge me!). On the show, one of the character's EX's resurfaced and they started to talk and hang out again and her husband wasn't really feeling their getting reacquainted. At one point when the EX dropped by her sister's house, the husband asked out loud..."What's he doing here?" Studio audience laughed and moved on.

My wife then said to me..."why do you guys always have to be so defensive or mad and assume that a guy wants your wife?" All I could do was laugh when she said that. Why did I laugh....because both she and well as The Fashionisette (who knows my wife personally) know that if the roles were reversed and there was an EX of mine whose path happened to cross mine and we started catching up on old times...she would feel some kind of way about that. And on top of that if I went so far as to have drinks with that EX who's now an old friend (as the wife did in this episode) even The Fashionisette herself would run up on us and have something to say!

I agree that men and women are different when it comes to many different things...but in this type of situation...women would be just as wary as men when it comes to an EX trying to rekindle a friendship. Think about it ladies, a woman who knows how good of a guy he is, recognizes she let go of a good thing, and who more than likely has seen your man naked in the trying to get friendly with your man you really think you'd let him go out and have drinks with her...without you being there? BE REALISTIC!

Women always say to their man in a situation like this...."don't you trust me"? Don't use that question to make us seem like an overly jealous, possessive, control freak! We trust you...we just don't trust other men! We know how men think and know exactly what they're trying to do sneaking back into that "friend" position. Women always say that once a man is in the "friend" position he has no shot....Men know better. That's why many men don't worry about being in that friend position because it's not a definite death sentence at your chances with that girl.

Ladies....word of advice....don't call your man insecure, paranoid, or possessive when he's pointing out to you that your EX isn't JUST trying to be your friend. He knows the ways of a man...knows how they think and what they're truly after. Trust me....he's only looking out for your relationship!

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