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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Love: Preventing Relationship Issues due to Rough Economic Times

Today I want to talk about something that affects more couples and relationships than can accurately be counted. The impact that rough economic times have on relationships. I've seen time and time again how insufficient income and piling bills can have a negative impact on a relationship...and I've experienced growing anxiety in my own relationship from time to time because of the same thing.

Across the entire country and across all color/race lines, economic hardships are negatively affecting everyone! The rising costs of inflation on all the basic goods/services we all need on a daily basis while our income stays the same is a constant problem. The top two causes of relationships ending or marriages breaking up are communication and money problems. Now we won't go too deep into the money problems because we all have them and if I actually had a solution....I'd be sitting on a beach in the Dominican Republic right now instead of my office pretending that I'm working right now instead of writing this. LOL! So we're going to focus on how keeping the communication lines open (regardless of financial issues) can help couples through the rough patches.

  1. Say what's on your mind, express your worries or fears. Don't bottle them inside, remember relationships are a team sport and all MUST be involved in order to win.
  2. If you see your partner/spouse making a questionable decision, don't try to "lay down the law" but ask them why they think that's a wise decision and have an open conversation about it.
  3. Remember that communication is not always one-way. Communicating means give and take, talking AND listening.
Good communication is vital to the day-to-day affairs of our lives. Find the ways to be honest with your partner/spouse, express your feelings, converse about financial decisions BEFORE they are made, share not only what you hope to succeed at but also share what you're afraid to fail at. Also, if your partner makes an unwise financial decision that probably will have a negative impact, don't go to them and criticize, approach them with the aim of getting past the bad decision and trying to get to an amicable resolution. Doing these things can deepen and strengthen your relationship through the rough economic state all of us currently find ourselves in. 

Remember....You're Worth It!

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