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Monday, February 13, 2012

The GlambergirlAlert: [NYFW Edition] Joey Maalouf Skin Care

Hello Glamberous Ones!

New York Fashion Week is winding down but not before I snagged an awesome interview with The Rachel Zoe Project's Joey Maalouf! And I must say I think Joey and I are new found BFFs! Joey and I talked about everything from Dr. Lewinn by Kinerase skin care line, which he was promoting, to him having 98% of his clothing from Marc Jacobs' collections.

Australian Dr. Lewinn teams up with high end skin care line Kinerase to bring an affordable line of skin care products promoted by Joey Maalouf. I asked Joey what his favorite product from the line to use was and he said hands down the 'wrinkle filler'. Joey said he puts it on his forehead and, "Literally in like 10 minutes it gives you that 'I just had botox' look." He said 'it will leave your friends thinking you had the tox.' Joey also mixes it with the eye cream by Dr. Lewinn. "It gives you a little de-puff and energizers under your eye," Maalouf said. Luckily samples of the eye cream were given out to visitors of the booth so I can't wait to try that out.

Of course it is still fashion week so we had to talk about Momma Zoe. I asked Joey what were his highlights of Fashion Week thus far and he mentioned Rachel Zoe's runway show. As I referred to Rachel Zoe as Momma Zoe Joey replied, "Yes, she's my mother and I love her, and I'm just so proud to see this [you know] amazing baby, [you know] that she's been working so hard on come to fruition, and this collection just proved to me and to everybody that she's just so talented." I agree!

Joey Maalouf was such a doll and I enjoyed meeting and talking to him about his upcoming projects. New York Fashion Week sure has been a blast thus far! Check out part of our interview here where we talk more Momma Zoe and horoscopes!

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