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Sunday, February 19, 2012

NYFW: [Guest Post] Samantha Black Fall 2012

[This is a guest post by Lisbeth. She is our new Contributing Fashion Reporter. When I cannot make the shows, Lisbeth is the doll I call on. She attended the Samantha Black show for me.]

The fashionistas and fashionistos were out on the scene for the Samantha Black show this past week. It was an event to remember with special celebrity guest Olivia singing prior to the show's start. Being a girl from northern California, a show like this doesn't compare to what San Francisco has to offer. As you can imagine, I was very excited to see what was in store with her collection!

Before I speak on the clothes, however, let me express that I was in awe to see Ty Hunter, Beyonce's stylist, in the front row of the show. Although most New Yorkers are used to having celebs on the scene on a daily, when I expressed my excitement to my NY friends all I got was a Kanye shurg. When I called my best friend back home, he screamed his head off in disbelief that I was rubbing elbows with this fabulous stylist. Other guest included America's Next Top Model's, Tocarra and Camile McDonald from cycle 2 who walked the runway, as well as male model Shaun Ross and top fashion editor Michaela Angela. This event was sponsored by Jones magazine.

Samantha Black's collection was themed as a whimsical romantic fantasy. Her inspiration included magic, angels and lust. Many pieces were sleek, sexy and shiny. A lot of the clothes combined gold colors mixed with fur trims, some were tight fitting skirts while other pieces were large ball gown dresses. Overall, the collection was fabulous and a lot of the pieces were everyday wearable pieces. [Update: The Fashionisette just learned that all of the hair worn by the models was sponsored by a personal fave, True Indian Hair. The owner Karen wanted to help designers reach their fashion vision.]

Samantha Black finale runway walk.
Ty Hunter.
Photo credit: Jones Maagazine
Designer Samantha Black with emerging artist Britney Smooch.
Photo Credit: photos courtesy of Billy Anthony

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