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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Site Love:

Ladies, we know we have the gift of gab. So why not gab and get free samples? Well, that's the focus of The website, which is like a talk show 2.0, is a women's social community where you can share stories, advice, and anecdotes in exchange for virtual currency that goes toward your free sample. You can create your own topic, or join a topic already in progress, called oddstracts. It was founded by Cindy Egstrom after she realized the shift in online advertising and consumer sentiment. She's always been in technology, so started came natural to her.
screen shot of

When you offer product reviews, you earn Odd Coins that can be used towards your next free sample. It's easy to sign up, and yes, I am a member. It's a really cool site for women where we can do what we already do - tell other women what works or doesn't. You can even use your Facebook account to automatically share your reviews to earn more Odd Coins. Within a few weeks or your sample pick at checkout, you'll get your item at your door. The website and this new social media platform is all apart of SIRCLE - Social media Incentives and Rewards for Content and Level of Engagement.

Well, don't let me just ramble on. Become a member, start talking, and get free samples. (And if you want a friend, just look me up: The Fashionisette.)

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