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Monday, February 20, 2012

Video: SNL skit of Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Blue Ivy

Saturday Night Live featured a skit poking fun at Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Baby Blue. Love how much Maya Rudolph resembled Bey. Although I thought she could've been a funnier Beyonce. Jay Pharoah however has his Jay-Z impression down! I was dying! "Celebs" coming to visit the baby (who was resting in a Diana Ross wig lined crib) included Prince, Nicki Minaj, Angelina & Brad, Taylor Swift, LL Cool J, and Bon Iver (played by Justin Timberlake). I thought the skit was funny, but I really think it could've been even funnier. I wonder if Beyonce and Jay-Z shared a laugh?

What did you think about the skit?

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