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Monday, April 30, 2012

Beauty Guest Post: Blinc your way to Fab Lashes

Today, Arie Rich of shares with us her latest favorite mascara. You can catch Arie on Twitter at @ArieRich.
I am not a girl that wears a lot of makeup, but there are some essential makeup items that I always have, that includes: lip glosses, foundation or tinted moisturizers, bronzer and of course mascara. This post is about this one amazing mascara I was recently introduced to and how it'll probably be the only mascara I will ever use.
While at the International Beauty Show here in NYC I attended a beauty seminar that talked about Makeup for TV and how to make sure your makeup looks the best. During this seminar, one of the participants mentioned this mascara called blinc and how she much she loves it. The speaker second her comment and even gave us a story about how the mascara stays put, even on bad times. Apparently blinc believes that you shouldn't paint your lashes, you should tube them.
BLINC Mascara
image source: Blinc Inc.
The blinc mascara creates like a tube around your lashes and stays put without any mess. You can rub your eyes, cry, etc... and it won't give you messy raccoon eyes.
blinc mascara is the perfect mascara for anyone with sensitive eyes; it is water resistant, and only comes off with hot/warm water. blinc recommends removing the mascara while you are in the shower, the hot water opens up the tubes which makes it easy to remove without mess. I purchased my own blinc mascara and I love it. My lashes do not look spidery, the mascara holds well and looks great. No smudges or messes from blinking while the mascara is still wet or from rubbing my eyes. Lashes are well defined and they looks very natural.
BLINC Long Lash
image source: Blinc Inc.
I also made another blinc purchase just to give it a try, I bought the blinc Long Lash. It is a liquid solution you apply to your eyelids to make your lashes grow. Similar to Latisse, but according to blinc, their Long Lash does not irritates your eyes nor eye discoloration after use. The Long Lash is recommended to be used for 2 to 4 weeks, morning and night. I have been using it for a few days now, and I'm hoping it works because I could use a few extra lashes, and hopefully not need falsies anymore. The Long Lash can also be used to help your eyebrows grow, especially in spots where it doesn't grow, and can be used for your bottom lashes as well.
So there you have it, a hot new product on the market today, that we should give it a try.

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